Why A Moving Company Isn’t An Emergency Packout Service

A lot of people don’t realize that a moving company is not an emergency packout service. That’s why we at Emergency Packout Co. (EPC) wanted to clear the air on that. As Dan Smith said;


                                 “Just because you have the tallest corn doesn’t mean you have the best garden.”


A moving company will only pack up your things and move them to a place you request. So what does that mean for the security of your items? What about any damages? They’re not responsible for any of that. That’s why when disaster strikes you need an emergency packout service.



What Emergency Packout Services Do Differently

An emergency packout service tries to save as many of your items as possible. They’re equipped with on-site and off-site moving and make a complete inventory of your items. Unlike a moving company, they’re actually responsible for every item on that contents inventory. While Emergency Packout Co. (EPC) goes the extra mile and uses Contents Track to account for each item. This uses a QR code system to photograph and track all your personal belongings. 

We’re just as equipped with on-site and off-site moving. If damage is localized our content handling specialist determines whether on-site relocation of items is an option. 

In case off-site moving is the only option, we even ensure that your items make it to a secure place. Whether that’s a location of your choice or our secure storage facilities. Our storage facility is a climate-controlled and insured warehouse, where your items remain secure until packback.

All that aside, we also provide stated value coverage. 

When disaster strikes the last thing you need is added damage and loss of personal items. That’s why you need an emergency packout service.

Emergency Packout Is Never Easy. Here’s How You Can Make It Easier

Hard work pays off but that doesn’t mean you have to do all the heavy lifting alone. Shortcuts might seem like the easier route, but everything has its setbacks. Which is how you end up doing more than you planned going the easy route. That’s particularly relevant when it comes to emergency packout. 


                                                        “The easy route is a trap. Don’t fall for it.”


The easier route usually seems like the cheapest option. However, it is even worth it given all the other ways you end up paying not just with money but with your time and more. When faced with fire, flooding, or even mold you might want to go with the cheapest emergency packout services. 


Doing so, you might end up paying more for storage, cleaning, and more. Not to mention the packback. Some questions you want to ask yourself when hiring an emergency packout service are; How reliable are they? What motivates them on the job? What services am I getting for the price I pay?




Emergency Packout Co. Tried To Make It Easier:


Relocating your items after a disaster is never easy. Emergency Packout Co. (EPC) won’t tell you that it is. What we will tell you is that we’ll do everything we can to make it easier for you. From providing secure storage for your items while your personal property undergoes restoration, to restoration of your items, and of course the packback. 




We don’t just move your hard and soft goods. We meticulously document all contents. When we have an inventory we move your items where you want them to go. Whether that’s on-site, if possible, or a location of your choice. We even offer climate-controlled storage facilities at our secure and insured warehouse. 


That’s not all we even help with the contents portion of your insurance claim. Aside from using Contents Track that uses a QR code system to photograph and track all your personal belongings, our Matterport scans will help you with the insurance claim process. 




We Even Help With Insurance Claims:


The Matterport TruePlan that Emergency Packout Co. (EPC) utilizes can also be uploaded to Xactimate software for the most precise estimates.  So your insurance adjusters won’t spend all those hours on on-site manual evaluations. The Xactimate software allows adjusters to accurately determine the value of the property loss, and estimate repair and rebuilding costs at a much faster rate than they could have manually. 


When their job is made easier your claim is processed faster. So while Emergency packout is never easy, we will help make it easier for you.